Which one promotes hair growth better? Camellia oil or castor oil?

If you’re looking for an effective method to accelerate your hair growth and add some body to the strands, you frequently turn to natural oils. What oil is the best one to help you achieve this beauty goal? Learn how effective camellia oil and castor oil are in encouraging hair to grow longer and thicker.

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Fabulous, long and thick hair is what many women are dreaming of. Reportedly, over a half of us isn’t satisfied with the way their hair looks naturally. No wonder why various types of hair growth simulators and boosters are becoming more and more popular, among which there are natural hair growth oils.

Which oil to choose to boost hair growth?

Obviously, not all beauty oils are able to condition hair that is thinning and which we wish to regenerate, strengthen and increase the volume of. The effect that most natural oils create is similar to the what humectants do to hair, and humectants are responsible for maintaining the hydration at the right level, yet they aren’t the agents promoting hair growth.

Undoubtedly, the most popular oil accelerating hair growth is castor oil. It’s definitely the most effective among all beauty oils offering hair boosting properties.

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The truth is, similar properties are displayed by argan oil and tea oil (camellia oil) that are supposed to increase micro circulation in scalp and in consequence stimulate hair bulbs. Even though these oils do take care of hair, they focus on improving hair appearance rather than on helping the the strands extend naturally.

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Nanoil Castor Oil

In terms of hair care, the most effective and reliable alternative to camellia oil – especially for hair growth boosting properties – is offered by castor oil. And the finest of all is the castor oil launched by Nanoil. What makes it better than other oils of its kind?

Currently this is the only castor oil available on the market that is cold-pressed, unrefined and 100% organic. It’s entirely composed of oil extracted from Ecocert-certified castor beans.

Owing to the fact that it doesn’t contain any unnecessary substances (e.g. colorants, aroma compounds, parabens), it supplies hair and skin with a dose of nourishing substances characteristic for argania spinosa kernels.

What are the effects produced by Nanoil Castor Oil?

Saying that Nanoil Castor Oil is marvelous wouldn’t really express how versatile the natural cosmetic is. It can be used in hair care, skin care, nail care and body care.

The key features of Nanoil Castor Oil:

  • fosters the work of hair bulbs and accelerates hair growth.
  • effectively counteracts excessive hair loss.
  • is bactericidal which is why it deals with dandruff.
  • cleanses scalp and face skin.
  • leaves skin soft, smooth and shiny.
  • intensifies natural hair color.
  • soothes inflammations and reduces acne.
  • nourishes, reinforces and regenerates.

The benefits of applying Nanoil Castor Oil depend on the way the oil is used for. The best results can be achieved when introducing the oil into hair oil treatment, oil cleansing method, when rubbed into nails and applied to eyelashes.

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Nutrients delivered to hair

To grow healthy, hair requires a set of nourishing substances. The nutrients delivered with castor oil mostly are:

  • ricinoleic acid that is responsible for intensive nourishment.
  • flavonoids that are antioxidants, rebuild hair.
  • vitamin E ensures health and youthful look.
  • vitamin A that improves skin functioning.
  • mineral substances that nourish and revitalize.

What’s Nanoil Castor Oil composed of?

Since the oil extraction methods differ, the techniques that the oils are processed with to meet the customers needs also vary. This is why castor oils might have different thickness. This quality influences the use of the oil.

Nanoil Castor Oil has smooth consistency. This is an ultra-light oil that is extremely easy to be spread on skin creating an velvety film. It penetrates skin in no time and encourages hair boost from the inside by stimulating hair bulbs to more efficient work.

What’s important, Nanoil Castor Oil doesn’t have any colour nor has it clear aroma, therefore it doesn’t cause any discomfort (e.g. for our nose) when rubbed into skin.

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